All you need to know about Teeth Whitening!

by on April 19, 2016
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What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a procedure that brightens the teeth, making them look healthier and more attractive.


How does it work?

First, your dentist will clean your teeth in order to get rid of plaque and any debri or build-up that you might have on the surface of your teeth. He or she will also perform a check-up to check for tooth decay, cracks and gum disease.

When you are ready for your teeth whitening treatment, you will have a cheek retractor placed in your mouth so that your teeth are exposed. Your dentist will apply a protective gel or rubber shield to protect your gums, before placing a bleaching gel on your teeth. After some time, the gel is removed, and then reapplied until your dentist is happy with the results. After the last application, the cheek retractor is taken out and you will be asked to rinse out your mouth. Your new colour will be visible after a few days. In some cases, a follow-up treatment might be necessary.

Professional teeth whitening is much more effective and long-lasting than at-home whitening kits, and can generally transform the look of your teeth in just one treatment. Your dentist will know how to treat any issues that arise, such as tooth sensitivity.


What are the benefits?

Teeth often become discoloured and stained as we age, particularly after smoking, or drinking coffee and tea. Some medications can also have an adverse effect on the colour of our teeth. The teeth whitening process helps to restore brightness, so that your smile is healthy and beautiful!