The aims of Dental Reconstruction and Rehabilitation is to restore the teeth, jaws and facial features to a near perfect condition. Numerous procedures are carried out in one single dental visit to reconstruct the patient’s teeth. We strive to improve function, aesthetics and health.

With dental reconstruction we replace missing teeth with dental implants and repair all teeth present in the mouth with Cerec Porcelain crowns. All teeth with an infection inside the Root Canal System need to be treated with a root canal procedure before it can receive a Cerec Crown. We also treat diseases inside the mouth with proper Oral Hygiene procedures and maintenance.

The need for Dental Reconstruction may be due to any of the following:

  • Replace missing teeth that were lost due to trauma or decay
  • Teeth that have been fractured or damaged from decay
  • Teeth that have been worn down by grinding or erosion from certain foods and drinks
  • Headaches and jaw pain due to a problem with occlusion

We provide the following treatments to carry out a full Dental Reconstruction

  1. Repair of all teeth with Cerec Porcelain crowns to restore function and aesthetics
  2. Implant Surgery to replace all missing teeth
  3. Root canal treatment to treat pathology in the Root Canal System of a tooth
  4. Biteplates to treat cases of Bruxism or Grinding
  5. Periodontal Surgery to Improve periodontal status and minor surgical gum procedures
  6. Teeth Whitening to improve Aesthetics
  7. Filorga facial treatments and mesotherapy to improve facial appearance
  8. Oral hygiene instruction and maintenance
  9. Botox and Filler treatments