1. What materials and equipment do you make use of?

We make use of the Dental equipment of a German company called Sirona. All our filling materials are porcelain crowns, veneers, inlays or onlays. The material is made by an international company called Ivodent and is available throughout the world. The Implant system we use is called Megagen Any-ridge. This system is available worldwide. All the materials and equipment we use are of world-class standard and is compatible, so that your local Dentist will be able to maintain the teeth.

2. Can all treatments be completed in one day?

Due to the supreme technology and techniques used in our practice, we have the ability to do a full mouth reconstruction in one single visit. The only exception to the rule is Implants. We will need a 6 month follow-up visit to place the crown on the Implant, as all Implants need 6 months for proper integration before we can load it with a crown.

3. Can you take care of all my Travel arrangements?

Absolutely. This is a free service that we offer to all our Patients. We have teamed up with several partners to provide you with a custom African Safari. We will take care of all your flights, transfers and accommodation, depending on your wants and needs. View more information about traveling to South Africa.

4. What happens if I have any health problems

Our Dentists are trained in Trauma and Emergency support. We will take all necessary precautions to prevent exacerbation of your Medical problem. In the event of an Emergency, we have the capability to stabilize a patient and a Helicopter transfer to a nearby Hospital will be on standby.

5. Can I expect pain and discomfort after treatment?

We aim to work as conservatively and gently as possible. With porcelain crowns and Veneers, you can expect some sensitivity for the first two weeks after treatment. The teeth usually settle down in this period. In cases where we have to carry out surgical procedures, you can expect some form of discomfort afterwards, but this will be controlled with the necessary prescribed medication.

6. How will I be looked after during treatment?

We will take all necessary steps to make your treatment as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. Drinks and snacks will be available throughout the day and you will receive a light lunch. While you have a break from treatment, you can relax in privacy in your Guest Room, or enjoy the wonderful Bushveld surroundings on our Deck. With luck you may see some wildlife.

7. What travel options do you have available?

All International patients must Travel from their Country to OR Thambo International Airport in South Africa. There are daily local flights available from OR Thambo to Eastgate Airport in Hoedspruit. Alternatively, you can make use of a Helicopter Charter from any location in South Africa directly to our Practice. All transfers between Hoedspruit and our Practice will be conducted by our Company vehicles.

8. Can Dental Tourism Holidays take care of my Travel arrangements.

We are able to assist patients with all there travel arrangements via a respected travel agency.