Root Canal

Root canal treatment is often associated by many with pain, but at Dental Tourism Holidays, we ensure that the entire process is painless and set in a relaxed environment. We have invested in all the latest Dental technology and combined that with a relaxing bushveld location, to provide you with a unique dental experience.

A root canal treatment is only recommended if truly necessary,as the issue might lead to other medical complications if left untreated. That is why we ensure that we do thorough root canal treatments when necessary, to ensure a successful procedure.


What Is A Root Canal?

The question most patients ask is what is a root canal? Root canal treatment, also referred to as an endodontic treatment, is procedure where the pulp, or the inner centre of a tooth, is removed due to an infection.

There is a space in between the hard layers of the tooth and that is called the root canal system. The pulp that fills the root canal system is made out of nerves and blood vessels and this allows grow and development in a child. In an adult, growth has stopped and the pulp acts like a sensory organ. This is also the reason why extreme root canal pain is experienced when an infection is present.

When bacteria or foreign bodies enter teeth via cavities, hairline cracks, or fillings that are flawed, an abscess will start to form. A tooth that is abscessed, has an infected pulp and the only way to treat the infected pulp, is to remove it.

Saving Your Teeth

A root canal treatment is often a way to save a tooth that is damaged or infected as opposed to pulling it. Once the infected pulp containing the disease is removed, medication is given and the pulp is replaced with a filling. When the pulp is not removed, the consequences can be devastating. The infection can spread to other tissues, like the areas around the eyes or the neck, which will lead to a medical emergency.

Abscesses cause extreme pain and swelling most of the times. When you doctor takes an x-ray, the abscess can be noticed on the x-ray but abbesses can also be detected by other changes in the tooth, like discolouration.

Most dentists are qualified to do a root canal treatment, but you might also be referred to an endodontist. An endodontist is also a dentist that has studied a post-graduate program that specialises in endodontics, a specialised field in dentistry that concentrates on the nerve or dental pulp of a tooth. In the case of a child whose baby tooth is damaged, you might be referred to paediatric dentist. A paediatric dentist has furthered in studies by having completed two years or more extra university training in the treatment of children.

The Procedure

At Dental Tourism Holidays, we follow a specific procedure to provide you with the best possible results. Here’s an overview of the service we provide:

  • A local anaesthetic is given;
  • A rubber dam is placed around the tooth that is being treated. The reason? Your saliva contains bacteria and the tooth that is being worked on must be protected;
  • An opening is made in the tooth in order to reach the damaged pulp in the root canal system;
  • The pulp is removed with very fine dental instruments and the root canal system is cleaned;
  • After the cleaning process, the canal is filled and sealed with either a permanent or a temporary filling.

Tooth Restoration

This part of the procedure is very important. After the filling is inserted, the tooth has to be restored so that it is able to work, look, and function as naturally as possible.

You will most likely be sent to a prosthodontist, a dentist who specialises in the restoration of teeth by using bridges, crown, implants and dentures. The methods used to restore the tooth are using a crown or a permanent filling. The method use will be determined by the strength of the remaining piece of the tooth and the location. Molars are used to chew so they need to be strong. That is why a crown will be efficient. If there is not enough of the tooth left, implants with posts may have to be considered so that the crown is supported when placed.

Symptoms of an endodontic disease can include:

  • The most common symptom is pain. The pain will increase when hot fluids are consumed and be better with cold water;
  • The pain worsens when laying down but reduces when you are sitting up;
  • There is swelling around the tooth’s area;
  • Pain is constant;
  • When chewing, pain is experienced;
  • After consuming something hot, pain stays longer;
  • The tooth is very sensitive when eating sweets;
  • Pain can be felt in head and ears.

The root canal treatment might be done in one or two appointments. After the procedure has been done, your tooth will most probably be sensitive for the first two weeks. There is not supposed to be severe swelling and root canal pain after the procedure, so do inform your dentist if this should happen.

Please keep in mind that you can still get a gum disease or a cavity after a root canal. A patient has to have a daily dental routine that encourages hygiene and patients have to make regular visits to the dentist for check-ups.

Sometimes, a second root canal treatment has to be performed, but this is very rare. During this procedure, the tooth is “retreated” by taking out the filling, re-cleaning of the canal, reshaping and followed by refilling.

Root Canal Surgery

Often, the necessity arises for canal surgery. This only happens when a regular root canal procedure cannot be performed or, if the treatment has not worked. During the surgery, the following is done:

  • The end of the root is checked for crack of fractures;
  • When parts of the root cannot be cleaned during a regular treatment, the parts are removed;
  • If an infection is present that did not heal after a regular root canal procedure.

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