Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening To Improve Aesthetics

Almost every Hollywood star has done it and many business men and women have done it as well; teeth whitening procedures are part of cosmetic dentistry and allows every man and women to have the perfect smile.


Cosmetic dentistry has been used over years to improve the aesthetics and therefore, ultimately the quality of life for thousands of people, locally and abroad.

These are the type of well-known cosmetic dentistry procedures:

  • Straitening of teeth to improve facial appearance – This procedure is done by an orthodontist.
  • The addition of dental material to gums or teeth – Examples of these procedures are crowns and gum grafts.
  • Removal of teeth structure or the gums – an example is enameloplasty.
  • Bleaching of the teeth – During teeth whitening, no dental materials are added or removed.

Let’s face it, when you take family photos or even a selfie, you immediately notice the imperfections first. Most of us are self-conscious about how we look. If teeth whitening can help build self-esteem, it is surely worth considering.

The Procedure

Keep in mind that the teeth whitening procedure has to be done by a professional. It is true that teeth whitening prices done by a professional will be different as to a self-help kit bought from a store, but at the end, you want the best results and you want you save when it comes to your teeth.

There are many reasons why teeth are stained. Environmental factors like drinks, tobacco, exposure to dark foods, and some medications, are popular contributors. In fact, your teeth’s enamel might not have been white from the beginning, one factor you might not have known.

Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is very important, but teeth staining even happen to some people who do brush twice every day. Toothpaste can only remove stains from the surface, but it does not have the ability to change the colour of the enamel.

The first thing that most people ask about the teeth whitening procedure is whether it is safe as well as the teeth whitening prices. It is important understand that if you are going to put any chemical on your teeth, you need to do it under supervision of a dentists or orthodontist. Therefore, the answer is yes, but you need to work with your dentist. In recent years, harsh abrasives have been replaced with chemicals and there are no forms of enamel stripping. In addition, your enamel can also be protected by fluoride and calcium sulphate. The teeth whitening procedure done by a dentist will be more expensive than over the counter kits, but you will have peace of mind that the end results in what you want and the results will be quicker.

Keep in mind that you teeth or gums will feel sensitive during and/or after the teeth whitening procedure is performed. Bleaching of your tooth can be seen as an investment, but in the case of investments, you have to look after it. It can last from six months up to two years. For you investment to last, you need to look at factors that might have a negative effect on it.

If you avoid smoking, red wine, and eat healthy food, you investment is safe. You need to avoid the factors that caused your teeth to stain in the first place. Some preventative measures can be taken to ensure that your teeth stay white. Brushing with a good quality teeth whitening toothpaste and gargling with peroxide after brushing will help maintaining your newly whitened teeth.

The Side Effects

Like most treatments, there are some side effects that might be experienced, but it is minimal and not life threatening. Firstly, your gums might feel sensitive. Most products that are used for teeth whitening contains 10% peroxide, but precaution can be taken to protect the tongue, gums, and lips.

If you have crowns, veneers or bridges, some side effects may apply here. It will not do anything to your dental work and is therefore safe because teeth whitening only works on natural teeth, However, when you have bleached your natural teeth, your dental work will not match your newly, bleached teeth. You must keep in mind the crown of any other dental work colour was chosen to match the original colour of your teeth. You might be able to do teeth whitening if the dental work is at the back of the mouth where is it mostly out of sight, but the difference will be more noticeable for teeth in front. Ask your dentist if this is your situation.

When you visit your dentist, the dentist will assess your mouth thoroughly as part as the consultation. In the event of him/her seeing any cavities or a gum disease, the most like action will be to treat the problems first. If you have not seen your dentist in a while, make sure to visit him/her first if you are planning to bleach your teeth yourself.

If your teeth are bleached while there are still untreated cavities or gum diseases, it might lead to severe problems like pain and inflammation. The reason for this is as follows: if in the case of a cavity, the whitening solution penetrates the open cavity and therefore the inner parts of the tooth, which will make the tooth weak and will irritate it. In the case of a root being infiltrated, it will be very painful. This will ultimately have an influence on the success of your treatment as well.

The following factors affect the results of the teeth whitening procedure:

  • If you want to have your teeth bleached but you also need dental work done like crowns or bonding, first do the teeth whitening procedure;
  • Stop smoking;
  • This procedure is not advisable to be performed on pregnant women. Consult your doctor first;
  • It is not advised for children under the age of six to have their teeth bleached;

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